Five Ways to Achieve and Maintain Resilience

By Jan Ferri-Reed

With so many demands and pressures on us every day, it’s easy to feel like a rubber band. Each stressor we experience pulls the rubber band tighter and tighter until it finally snaps. However, if you are resilient, you can add elasticity to the rubber band, bouncing back after each stressor. What exactly is resilience? Resilience is the physical, mental, and emotional state that allows you to be ready to handle any unexpected things that come your way. When you incorporate these five strategies into your life, you will achieve resilience.

1. Eat smart and exercise regularly
When you are the most stressed is precisely the time for proper nutrition. Plan ahead for proper food choices and find ways to exercise. This may even involve walking a longer distance from the parking lot to your office or climbing the steps rather than taking the elevator.

2. Don’t allow people to sabotage your life
Identify the saboteurs in your life and avoid or set limits with them. Saboteurs may be friends that drain you with their negativity, or they could be family members that are too demanding of your time and energy.

3. All work and no play…
Find the time to change your environment and to do the things you enjoy. Play and relaxation provide a catalyst for creativity and problem solving with a new perspective.

4. Reward yourself after a challenge
Keep a positive goal in mind as you tackle those tasks you dislike. Reward yourself with a treat or a break.

5. You’re allowed to say ‘no’
While you certainly want to perform at your best and make a good impression on clients, co-workers, and managers, realize that you’re not “super human.” It is healthy to recognize your limits and to adjust priorities.

Increase Your Resilience Today
In order to increase your resilience you need to be proactive. Realize that if you are stretched too thin, you will experience burnout. Take care of yourself and you’ll feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to cope with the ongoing struggles and stressors of everyday life. The result will be a happier, more satisfied you!

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